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Film Review: Brave Blue World

What would you do if, for whatever reason, you discovered the water coming out of your tap or flowing in your local river was undrinkable or contaminated?  That’s the question posed in the Netflix documentary “Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve our Water Crisis” featuring Liam Neeson, Matt Damon, and Jaden Smith. Brave Blue world was one of the movies chosen by the virtual EcoFilm Festival.

Water conservation, recycling and access to clean water will be a big issue and influence the decisions for the next generation. The film “Brave Blue World” is a beautifully produced documentary that, explores the innovations of local mechanical engineers, civil engineers and scientists to solve local water issues. One example from the film is an African company that addressed the issue of sanitation in local villages. The company provides compostable toilets and pick up services than processes what they collect into a replacement for charcoal. Very cool!

I was impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of engineering and science around these local solutions. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the movie featured two companies that some of you may recognize on the top 10 holding list of impact mutual fund that is popular amongst our clients. If you are interested in learning more about companies that are making an impact in your Socially Responsible portfolio give me a call.

If you are interested in viewing the trailer for “Brave Blue World” please click the link below, it is still on Netflix if you are interesting in watching the full movie.

Brave Blue World